Storytelling in three dimensions


I believe that photographs are indeed worth a thousand words. 

And yet, I want more than that.

I love how this photograph tells the story of Deirdre and Charlie's love, through their gaze, their gestures, their smiles.

But did you know: that Charlie fell in love with Deirdre right at first sight, while Deirdre had no idea for weeks?  That Deirdre invited Charlie to the black an white ball, which Charlie thought for sure was a date, and which Deirdre was sure was not a date? That Charlie was exceedingly gentle with her at the ball, and that Deirdre had a slow, dawning realization?

Here is what Deirdre had to say about it:

Given my love of storytelling, becoming a professional journalist seemed an obvious choice. Except for the fact that I could never settle on just one medium. This is why I worked as a radio reporter, then a magazine journalist, then a newspaper reporter. All while photographing professionally, and documenting people's lives in a multimedia format. I love photography just as much as I love audio interviews, just as much as I love writing. 

More than any one format, I'm driven by the power of story, in any medium, because of what it accomplishes: it transforms the mundane to the sacred,  reminds us of the miracle of being alive, and helps us stay connected to what is most important.

You can see more of Deirdre and Charlie's story here.



Julie Kelly