Calistoga Ranch: Amazing wedding venues in Northern California and the Napa Valley


Calistoga Ranch

(Note: this post is one in a series describing Napa Valley and Northern California wedding venues I love.. You can see the whole list of venues and some more background about this series here)

It's hard not to love this place. It's tucked into a canyon, surrounded by lush mountains, and  feels blissfully off the grid (your cell phone may or may not work here, so you can decide if that's a pro or a con for you :) I've always been amazed at how Calistoga Ranch manages to seamlessly blend a sense of luxuriousness with the simplicity and beauty of nature. They really take exquisite care of everyone on the property, so guests always seem supremely relaxed and at ease to me, a great thing for a wedding. In warmer weather, you can hold most of your day outside, then retire to the wine cave for dancing. There are also multiple options for where to do your ceremony, each of which is beautiful in its own way. 

I've photographed at Calistoga Ranch more times than I can count. If you want to see how different weddings there look, take a peek at some of these weddings: 

Katie & Ben

Sarah & Bart

Mary & Mario

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