Amazing wedding venues in Northern California and the Napa Valley


In the past ten years of photographing weddings all over Northern California, I've gotten to see so very many amazing wedding venues. I remember when I was planning my own wedding years ago, looking at different venues and struggling to imagine what my own wedding would look and - more importantly - feel like there. It was hard!!

I know the search is extra hard for those of you who live out of state. For you, it's often a one-shot, or even completely online, exploration.  Which is not to say, by the way, that it's easy if you live nearby. There are a ton of amazing spots, each with its own unique strengths and charm.

So, here's a behind-the-scenes perspective on the myriad of amazing venues I've photographed, with a strong photographic bias. Which means: I care a lot more about how the sun moves over the property, the availability of great portrait locations, than some might. On the other hand, if wedding photography is a high priority for you, then those things probably matter to you too. 

So, without further ado, here are some wedding venues I love in Northern California and the Napa Valley:

If you don't see your wedding venue here, it doesn't mean I haven't photographed it or that it's not a favorite! These are simply the venues I've posted about so far :) Please reach out to me directly to ask if you have any questions about a particular venue from a photographic point of view. 

Does it matter whether your photographer has previously photographed at your wedding venue? You can read my thoughts on it here.



Julie Kelly