Solstice Baby, or What a Difference a Year Makes, Part 3

S and R (in utero), October 2007

S and R, November 2008

With winter solstice around the corner, I am counting my many wonderful blessings. I am also thinking about Little R, who is a solstice baby - summer solstice, that is. 

When I was documenting S's pregnancy, she said something I've never forgotten.

She said: "I really believe young life is so precious because it's just come into the world from the spirit world - it's so close. I think, 'This little soul is incarnating in my body, and so it's going to be so fresh and wise, and remind us of the things that are important.' That's how I feel when I hold a newborn, is that's what really matters, is loving and caring well for someone."

Thanks to Little R and her family, for demonstrating this so beautifully. Here's to loving and caring well for the people in our lives.