Love Capital


This is a photograph of beauty and struggle. It's a rare photograph of my family (the whole cobbler's kids thing...) and a good reflection of something I think of often.

It was taken last year, when my family volunteered to model for a catalog on a whim. The experience nourished my whole family. My two daughters loved dressing up, twirling in the beautiful fabrics, and getting extra play time.

I loved being in the beautiful house, not having to worry about being behind the lens, and getting rare photographs of my family. 

And yet, this photograph connects to a much less beautiful reality in India, where 3 million women - nearly half of them underage - are trafficked. It's a photograph for the catalog of Sari Bari, a Kolkata-based social enterprise that provides employment and refuge to victims of the sex trade. The beautiful blankets in this photograph were each hand-sewn by one of the women of Sari Bari.

Beauty and struggle. Despite the jarring nature of juxtapositions like these, I believe that beauty and love can be used as capital to make a positive difference in ways beyond what we have previously imagined. I'll be talking about that more here and elsewhere in the year to come. and if the concept piques your interest, I'd love to hear from you. I've become highly enamored, not just of Sari Bari's extraordinary work, but also of their beautiful beautiful products. You can take a look at their work and story at

I left this shoot with a gorgeous throw given to me by Sari Bari's amazing co-founder. It has been at my bedside ever since, and bears name of the woman who sewed it: Mukti. I wonder if Mukti has any idea that I think about her often. I don't know, but I really hope she does. 















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