Once Upon a Time

Meet Little Z. She loves: fashion, dancing, and puppies. I took this photograph three years ago, when she was seven. She's part of a very special family whose story I've documented over time.

Just last month I went back for a visit, to find (why did it feel so surprising?) that Little Z is growing up.

Little Z, 10

Little Z's little sisters are growing up too. Here's Little B, who was 5 when I took this in 2009.

Now, she is 8:

Little M is still the littlest. And yet, she's a whole new person. Below, at 2 1/2.

And now, at 5:

Here's a little snippet from the storytelling film I did with these beautiful little souls three years ago:

Click here to see the snippet (don't forget to turn the sound on your computer on!)

These days, these sisters are full of stories that are both so new, and so old. Stay tuned to hear a little of bit of their wisdom.