Adriana and Tim Engaged

Adriana and Tim both come from places that begin with the letter "I" - she's from Indonesia; he's from Iowa. Despite growing up halfway around the world from one another, they fit together perfectly.

For their engagement photo session, we decided to head to the path along the coast where they had their first date.  Tim recalls that Adriana set such an ambitious pace that it was tough to keep up. He did his best to catch his breath to comment on the beautiful view.  Adriana, however, got straight to the point, peppering Tim with intense questions throughout. As we took these photographs, Adriana and Tim laughed at the memory.

Adriana may have seemed intimidating, but as Tim later said, "I guess my answers were acceptable -just don't ask me exactly what I said - I was concentrating too much on the hike."

They must have been pretty good answers, actually, because look where Adriana and Tim are now! Nice work, Tim!

Thanks you two. I can't wait for your upcoming wedding!