Aimee and Justin’s Engagement Session

Aimee and Justin's engagement session was absurdly fun.

Partly because these two are a joy to be around and wonderful to photograph. Partly, because the day was perfect. And partly because of a great idea they proposed for the session.

They wanted to recreate their second date together - the one when they just knew. A brilliant plan.

The date started out with a trip to Aimee's favorite ice cream parlor, and a scoop of her favorite, blue (!) ice cream.

Next, they decided head to some local Japanese gardens. Though the gardens were closed when we arrived, this didn't stop us from getting some great photos outside the gates -

including in front of this irresistible bus.

Though they'd already spent several hours together by that point, neither wanted to end their date. So, Aimee suggested they take a walk at a local regional park. Turns out, this is where they had their first kiss :)

Now, many kisses later, they are preparing for their wedding this summer.

I loved this session so much, and am so excited for Aimee and Justin's wedding. Thanks you two!!

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