Deirdre and Charlie Love Story Debut!

Remember this gorgeous couple?

I shot these engagement photos of Deirdre and Charlie in March. 
Yesterday, they got married! And, as part of their wedding, they showed this Love Story that I created with them:
I am so excited about this Love Story, the best one I have ever done.  I believe so deeply in the power of Love stories because, to me, there are two things that make a wedding exceptional: 1) a sense of community; 2) the feeling that the two people getting married makes the world a better place. 

Love Stories bring wedding guests together as witnesses of the couple's unique story of falling in love, and as a community deeply committed to their future 

With this one, I could not have had better subjects.  Deirdre and Charlie are so free-spririted, creative, authentic, and in love. This project has been a pleasure from start to finish. 

Congratulations Deirdre and Charlie. You have made the world a better place.