Johanna & Arthur's Engagement Photographs | San Francisco Engagement Photography | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Johanna and Arthur act like they've known each other their whole lives. Probably because they have :) They grew up in the same community and traded crushes on one another over the years. They didn't start dating until adulthood but it's hard to imagine them not together. Their ease and playfulness with one another is amazing to be around and I had the best time during our engagement session Monday.When we were planning the session, Johanna mentioned she is a ballet dancer, and could we take some photographs that included her toe shoes? This is the kind of question that makes a photographer's heart flutter. Between Johanna and Arthur's love for one another, Johanna's toe shoes, sequin dress, and their favorite coffeehouse, we had a blast. Take a peek:








Thanks for playing with me Johanna and Arthur! So super excited for your wedding this fall!!