Katie & Will's Engagement Session | Yountville Engagement Photographer | Yountville Engagement Photography

Katie and Will have a love story near and dear to my heart. They fell in love young, but ended up going their separate ways. Life took them on different journeys, far from one another, where they grew a little older and wiser before their paths crossed once again. It was love all over, but in a richer deeper way. I am so excited for their wedding this winter. In the meantime, we spent some time wandering in vineyards and I got excited when I discovered this little country road in Yountville. I had hoped Katie and Will would find the wandering cows quaint, completely forgetting that they are from Texas and have seen many a cow. Still, we had a wonderful time and I love the memories we captured. Here are a few:




Thanks for playing with me, you two. So very excited about your wedding later this year.