What A Difference A Year Makes

Ben, Isabelle, and Zachary at Isabelle's Baby Shower, October 2007

Ben, Isabelle, and Zachary, at Zachary's 1st Birthday Party, October 2008

I'm tempted to wax lyrical on one of my favorite subjects - the miracle of change through time. But I think these two photographs say it all.

After photographing Isabelle's extraordinary baby shower a year ago, returning to photograph Zachary's first birthday party was such a treat. Zachary is such a sweetheart. I love how he is such a beautiful mix of his mom and dad.

If you were a guest at Zachary's birthday party, ask Isabelle and Ben for the link to the slideshow, which I just posted online today. The party was incredible, and so are the pictures.

Happy Birthday Zachary!

FamilyMeagan Tidwell