Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You

On June 2nd, I wrote a letter. It began: "Today just might be the first day of our life together - the first day I've known about you at least. I've been sharing this secret with you know for about seven hours. No one else knows."

I went on to write about all of the people who were in for a big, beautiful surprise, and to talk about what I'd done that day, the day I found out.

The letter ended: "Will you stay with us? Will you be our child? I can't wait to find out. Love, your (maybe) mother."

I didn't realize how precarious it would feel, especially in the beginning, and even now, so many months later. I meant to tell you earlier, a thousand times. But, for whatever reason, I never did.

Now, with "Peanut"'s due date one week away, I've come to realize that, even if all goes well as I so hope and trust it will, it will probably always feel this way. Delicate, precious in a way that's almost painful.

In any case, I figured I'd better tell you now, so you understand what's going on if and when I suddenly start posting an inordinate number of images of one particular person here.

Many people have asked me: who has been documenting your pregnancy? The answer: me, with the help of a few good friends and family members.

Above are a few photographs I took myself. Below is a photograph taken by the immensely talented Sarah Linda Gossett-Raderman, at 37 weeks.

And, below, a photo taken of me by the amazing Lori Paladino, who was a godsend in helping me shoot Val and Zack's wedding, also at 37 weeks. (Stay tuned for some amazing images from their wedding in the next post.)

This is, perhaps, another reason why I haven't blogged about this part of my life more (okay, at all). JK Life Stories has been busier than ever, and has a packed 2010 coming up ahead. Stay tuned for some amazing photographs and stories. Including, perhaps, a few of my own.

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