Storyloom creates heirloom gifts for families by capturing moments of ephemeral beauty and preserving them in keepsake films and stories.

it is founded on the belief that beauty is squandered when we can’t appreciate it, and that the way back to the big picture starts with honoring the little moments.

We also believe that all of our stories are interconnected, and that love and celebration can be used as powerful assets. A percentage of Storyloom’s profits goes to people and organizations in need, many of whose stories Julie has had the privilege of capturing and sharing.

Years later, Julie’s stories are some of my most precious gifts ever in life. We will treasure them as a family for decades, even centuries, to come. Julie helps people tell the stories of our lives. She helps us shape who we are becoming. What an incredible gift.
— Sara C.

Want to celebrate this one precious life, or someone in it?