By several twists of fate, I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I was born in Minnesota and, just after I turned one, my parents moved to Marin County, California. Although my parents no longer live there, I spent my entire childhood there; its woods, oceanside, and golden hills filling me with a deep well of beauty.  It is still my favorite place in the world. Today, I live with my husband and two small daughters across the bridge from Marin, in Richmond.

I don't know if Marin forged my sense of beauty, or was simply the perfect place to nourish it. Either way, I have long felt unreasonably intoxicated by the sound of the ocean, the feel of the wind, and the intricate shapes of flowers and leaves. And, I have long been fascinated by the intersection of natural and human beauty. 

In the past two decades my husband and I have reveled in spending time Northern California's wild places, first just the two of us, and now with our two daughters. My favorite place to tell stories is in the natural world, where I get to incorporate and be inspired by what I believe is the greatest art there is.


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